A rabbit named Starbuck…

This little guy here, posing for the camera, is Starbuck. He’s a Seal Point mini lop, eight months old now. We gave him a home in March this year.

His name? I guess that was my influence. My partner, Kerry, and I were going through a list of names. We planned to get two rabbits to begin with, and Merry and Pippin were our first choice of names. We both like Lord of the Rings (the movies more than the books, admittedly). Then we decided to get one rabbit, taking the advice of an experienced rabbit carer: they’d both be too young to be neutered, and would probably bug each other over sex. And the girl could get pregnant at a very young age. Wow, kids are different in the rabbit world!

So, we opted to get the boy first. We wanted to stick with a name from literature, and then Starbuck just came to me, after the character from Moby Dick – although I probably did have coffee on my mind; I often do (I’m not an addict, honest).

He’s grown up so fast. We’ve seen his personality blossom. He’s always been a loving soul, though. He loves his snuggles. The biggest changes are recent. He’s been shedding his baby fur, so his colours have changed just in this past month. Take a look at him now:

The black fur around his nose has spread, some of his fur on the top of his head and back has lightened, and he seems to have big grey eyebrows. Well, he’s still as cute as ever!

We’re thinking it’s about time he had a girlfriend, now he’s neutered and a little less frisky. We’ve already thought of a name: Luna, as in Luna Lovegood. What do you think?

Say hello to Starbuck in the comments below, if you like. And if you have a rabbit, be sure to leave a picture.

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